The Yardbirds were Shaking it up–October 20, 1966

I love finding these old commercials!  The Yardbirds shook things up 50 years ago this week when they recorded a radio commercial for Great Shakes.  Don’t they look yummy?!?  Did you ever drink Great Shakes?

Jimmy Page, who was in the band then, says, “Two American people appeared from the control room, one carrying a sachet in one hand and a glass of milk in the other. The packet was torn and dispensed what appeared to be flavored granulated sugar and probably other ingredients. It was poured into the milk, stirred up and offered round for everyone to drink. It was essential that we did this before we continued recording; apparently this was required when it came to commercials and products. It’s a pity we hadn’t done a commercial for Mercedes.”

The jingle  recorded was based on their song “Over Under Sideways Down.” Fun Fact:  The Yardbirds weren’t the only rock group to record a Great Shakes ad. The Who, The Spencer Davis Group, Blues Magoos, The Happenings, The Tokens, The Chiffons and Dusty Springfield also did one!