Monkees Michael Nesmith Mystery Illness

When I saw Michael Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz a couple of weeks ago at Chandler Center For The Arts, I felt a little easy about the man I came to see. Nesmith kept leaving the stage several times during the show and honesly he looked more like it was the end of a grueling tour, rather that the first night of the tour. So when I woke up this morning to the news that he had health troubles yesterday I wasn’t surprised, but I am concerned.
According to The Monkees facebook page Michael “had a minor health issue today (Thursday) in advance of his tour date in Philadelphia tonight. Nesmith has been dismissed from the hospital and is traveling back to his home in Carmel Valley, He is in good spirits and thanks all the fans for their support and understanding. He looks forward to getting back on the stage again soon.”
The remaining four shows of the tour have been canceled, Their tour manager Andrew Sandoval later posted:
“I am sorry to report that the final four dates of The Monkees Tour will be postponed till January. Michael Nesmith has not been feeling well and will be recuperating in the meantime. We will return to the good clean fun as soon as possible.”
After seeing him a couple of weeks ago, I’m worried, in spite of the optimistic PR that’s being spread.
I can only wish him the best and hope for a speedy recovery for him. I wouldn’t be buying tickets for the reschduled shows in January…and I hope I’m proven wrong – Steve Goddard