The third DOORS album ‘Waiting For The Sun’, is getting special treatment, just like their first two albums. It’s hard to believe, but this is the only Doors album to hit #1 on the charts.
The copy I bought in 1968 is still in pristine shape – I was always careful with what I bought…but this 50th Anniversary deluxe edition (releasing on September 14) will have me buying it again for several reasons:
-newly remastered audio from the original tapes by the band’s longtime engineer and mixer, Bruce Botnick, so I know it was handled with love and care
-a disc of previously unreleased rough mixes of tracks from the session tapes (thank god thy were preserved!)
-5 recordings from The Doors Copenhagen concert including ‘The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)’ and ‘Back Door Man’.
On August 3 a 7″ vinyl single will be released to commemorate ‘Hello I Love You’ reaching # on the Billboard Hot 100 August 3, 1968, and I’ll buy that too…
Christmas just came early this year…