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Beatles 50th Anniversary Abbey Road – First Listen

I spent part of the weekend listening closely to the new Giles Martin remix of The Beatles last album “Abbey Road”. There are some things to like about it, but two things jumped out immediately: it is a bit cleaner, and it is much more compressed than his dad’s original mix, thus the dynamic range has been leveled out.Is it ... Read More »

Rock and Roll HOF Icon Dead At 100

Fats Domino is still one of my favorite artists – one of Fats’ closest friends and working partners (co-writer and producer) Dave Bartholomew died Sunday at a hospital in the New Orleans area. He was 100 years old. Digging through my tape archives I recall rescuing a :60 commercial for Schlitz beer from a trash can in 1975. I haven’s ... Read More »


Found this during my (seemingly) never ending sweep of my archive room to make way for another vinyl record collection. It’s a disc of 60 second music beds for radio station use – probably from the early 60’s…..the tracks aren’t very good, but at least the cover is kind of cool… – Steve Goddard Read More »


Happy 70th birthday to Billy Joel today – That’s Columbia Records rep Bob Conrad and me in the middle holding a copy of his “Atilla” album on Epic, as he tells me what a horrible album it was…and it was, but it got him animated… Read More »